personal story


At the age of 13 I said to a dear fried that I wanted to learn to dance, and her mum answered: ¨María you just have birds in your head.” One year time took me to gather the courage to enroll in the weekly classes of the neighbourhood club. Ever since then movement and being in contact with my body has given me confidence and courage to fight forward in difficult moments of my life.

Around the age of 20, after having started a career in Communication I decided to change path and dedicate myself to share the benefits of dance and movement with people around me. Since then I have deepened my knowledge in different disciplines: dance movement therapy,  yoga, neuroscience, Gestalt, flamenco, Mindfulness, improvisation, Diafreo, 5 rhythms, Art therapy, Bioenergetics, Schema therapy… anything related to therapy, body and creativity.

Also since the age of 19 I have volunteered, with very diverse and vulnerable populations, orphan children, teenagers from difficult backgrounds, migrants and refugees, sexually abused girsl and sufferers of domestic violence.


I work as a registered Dance Movement therapist (GZ – Vaktherapeut) in i-psy Intercultural Psychiatry, from Parnassia Groep, an ambulant psychiatric center in Amsterdam. You can read more about my work here

As a freelancer in my private practice I aim to support and help individuals to improve their contact with their own bodies,  develop interoceptive, communicative and expressive skills; self esteem and assertivity; improve the emotion regulation, sexual or sleeping difficulties.

Moreover,  I am creating L I B R A Z, a non profit organization to provide movement and creativity-oriented trainings to women and children who endured traumatic experiences in their lives. Read more about my social projects here.


I plan to continue learning more about Schema Therapy and Group Therapy. Probably study Pesso Therapy or Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Also started the Bachelor in Psychology in the UOC.

And to not forget the creative side, I am researching ways to translate some of the stories of my work with clients into a more creative product, with art, video and dance.

And of course I continue dancing, and jumping like a goat, and enjoying the blue sky and the sand on my feet.

professional background


  • 50 hours Schema Therapy Basic and Advanced Level with Fieke Bosma – Rotterdam – 8 days.
  • Motivational Interviewing – Castricum The Netherlands – 2 days
  • Schema Therapy & Play therapy for adults, young and children – 1 day.
  • Introduction to Pesso Therapy – 1 day.


  • 20hours Trauma Sensitive Yoga from the Trauma Center in Boston. Kopenhaguen, Denmark – Three days.
  • Symposium Co-creating body of knowledge – Improvisation and composition in Dance Therapy – One day.


  • Medical Neuroscience Introductory course – Duke University – 13 weeks
  • Training and Learning Programs for Volunteer Community Health Workers – John Hopkins University – 6 weeks


  • Master in Dance Movement Therapy – Three years – Codarts Rotterdam – 2012/2015


  • Reichian Mind/Body Therapy and Dance Therapy by Johanna Climenko -Amsterdam – Two days
  • III National Congress of Creative Therapies – Vitoria, Spain – Three days


  • Bachelor in Communication – University of Barcelona and University of the Basque Country – 2006/2011

“The realities of nature surpass our most ambitious dreams.” Auguste Rodin