“It makes me feel proud of myself again.”

Amina, 30, Morocco, participant of “Flamencame” project, Blijf Groep, Amsterdam NL


“We are all women here in the shelter, with a lot of stress, without being able to express our emotions(…) and during these sessions  we were able to get  rid of our aggression feelings through the dance, we learnt to say yes and no,  to feel stronger, and more self confident.”

Fariha, 23, Pakistan, participant of “Flamencame” project, Blijf Groep, Amsterdam NL 


“María has a warm and enthusiastic character. She shows to be a woman that stands behind her idea and the reason of her projects, by word and attitude. Clients reacted positive and were interested in the expression. They made even a video and kept asking for María. For us it was also a positive experience.”

Floor Dudink, working in Blijf Groep, Amsterdam NL


“I learned to just do what comes to my mind and not be ashamed of it. And how much moving can give to me – change my mood. I liked the way you handled us a lot. Everbody could bring his/her own thoughts. In general it was  avery nice group where there was not that ‘special kind of teacher’, but a group of people that worked together. “

“I learned to feel free by dancing and use my feelings to move my body, to move my emotions by moving the body. I loved your energy by dancing and ‘teaching’ you didn’t say how we have to do steps or motions. It was great that we were allowed to do so much with our own ideas. “

Anonymus participants, Interdisciplinary workshop on well-being and creativity, University of Kassel, DE


“I am doing now things that I had actually never done before. Before it was only breaking, crashing. So I find it very beautiful that I can also be creative (…) and not only with your hands or whatever but just with your whole body, with your mind. (…) You open up. Your thoughts become more open, you don’t stay in the same negativity. You see that there is something different. Something beautiful.”

Man diagnosed with depression due to traumatic experiences in the past, Mentrum Psychiatric Centre, Amsterdam NL